NLNG Shipping and Marine Services Limited (NSML) Launches Marine Accelerator Programme to Boost Maritime Sector

Thu May 30 2024


NLNG Shipping and Marine Services Limited (NSML) has launched the Marine Accelerator Programme (MAP) to enhance training and capacity development within the maritime sector. This initiative aims to create a safer, more efficient, and sustainable industry to support Nigeria's oil and gas sector effectively.

Developed by the NSML Maritime Centre of Excellence (MCOE) in collaboration with the Oil Producers Trade Section (OPTS), the programme addresses the urgent need for a highly skilled and adaptable workforce that meets international standards. Stakeholders are optimistic about MAP's long-term impact on the sustainability and growth of both the maritime and oil and gas sectors. Key partners in this initiative include the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Maersk Training, and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC).

During the MAP launch event in Bonny Island, Rivers State, Abdulkadir Ahmed, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of NSML, highlighted the critical importance of training and capacity development for sustaining the growth of the oil and gas marine support sector. Ahmed noted that the industry faces unprecedented challenges due to rapid technological advancements, increasing regulatory demands, and growing environmental concerns. He emphasized that safety, quality, efficiency, and a skilled, competent, and adaptable maritime workforce are essential benchmarks for success in terms of cost and sustainability.


Ahmed stated that MAP aims to enhance safety standards, prevent accidents, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, meet evolving regulatory requirements and industry benchmarks, and embrace technological innovations through comprehensive training modules. These efforts are designed to support the growth of Nigeria's oil and gas industry by ensuring that maritime professionals are well-equipped to meet evolving industry demands. Ahmed reiterated NSML’s commitment to domesticating global maritime standards and skill sets, in line with the company’s vision of supporting the development of the maritime and oil and gas sectors.


Providing insights into the programme’s structure, Dr. Effiong Ekanem-Attah, Manager of Training at MCOE, explained that the training includes courses on maintenance planning, International Safety Management (ISM) Code awareness, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) leadership, inspection protocols, incident investigation, and emergency response. The pilot phase will train 120 participants from various marine service suppliers and management staff, running until the end of December 2024.

Gweke Ajaifia, Executive Director of OPTS, underscored the programme’s significance in the capital-intensive maritime and oil and gas industries. He highlighted that MAP aims to bridge identified gaps, ultimately reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. Ajaifia emphasized that safety is paramount, as any accident could completely wipe out investments.

Felix Omashola Ogbe, Executive Secretary of NCDMB, praised the initiative, stating that the importance of capacity development, safety, and international standards cannot be compromised. Represented by Esueme Kikile, Corporate Communication and Zonal Coordinator, NCDMB, Ogbe stressed that maintaining high international standards is essential for attracting further investments to Nigeria’s maritime sector. He expressed the board’s support for NSML, NIMASA, and Maersk in delivering this programme.

The Marine Accelerator Programme represents a significant step towards strengthening Nigeria's maritime capabilities, ensuring the sector remains competitive and sustainable in the global market.

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