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Explore a world of opportunities and find the ideal job tailored just for you. Let us guide you on a journey towards a fulfilling and rewarding career path. Uncover your true potential and land the job of your dreams.

About us

Committed to highlighting the global maritime industry's complex landscape.

BonnyTell is a pioneering company dedicated to illuminating the intricate landscape of the maritime sector globally. Committed to fostering knowledge and awareness, we serve as a premier educational platform, empowering the world with comprehensive insights into the maritime industry's diverse facets.

Our Mission

Our mission extends beyond education, as we actively facilitate unparalleled job opportunities within this dynamic sector. With a strong emphasis on fostering growth and development, BonnyTell aims to bridge the gap between aspiring individuals and rewarding careers within the maritime industry. We strive to empower our community, enabling them to navigate and thrive within this critical sector of the Nigerian economy.


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Welcome to The Sailors Lounge. I spend more than half of the year at sea because I am only at home for two months in a year. The contents you see here were shot by me and have unprofessional editing, but they convey the message. Through this channel, I want people to see what life at sea is like. Kindly subscribe

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