Two Reasons Why MMM Nigeria May Crash By The End Of 2016

since the begging of 2016, MMM has been one of the ways many Nigerians, if not all business men, Students, market women, small scale business owners, and almost all categories of individuals have been surviving despite the Nigerian Economic Recession. honestly it has been a life line to many Nigerians during this economic melt down, many have been a beneficiary of MMM Nigeria, excluding me because i have been skeptical about it, although i have just join but am yet to offer help to any one. Read More

10 best ways to creat a strong password
with the increasing level of cyber security treat, it is important that every one of us have a very strong password as the world is turning into a global village. information, files, documents, financial data are very important asset that if exposed to unauthorized persons can pose a disaster to us, our company, mention it. the incident that just happened, that SONY TECHNOLOGY was hacked should give us reasons to protect our documents, files, accounts etc with a very strong password.

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Things to know when attendding an oral interview

Recently i was invited for an oral interview that I hard to face a three men panel, and will like to share my experience. The following points I will be talking on, is based on personal observation during my interview. Also note that the panel starts scoring you the moment you walk into the office or were ever the interview is holding. Read More

How Much Of Security Do You Really Need

In spite of the very numerous security agencies, like the Police, Air force, Navy, Army, FBI etc, it still appears that civilians as the case maybe still needs more security measures to protect life and properties. In our recent days, the need for security has greatly increased, need for securing of life, properties, documents, mention it the list goes on and on. Read More