Two Reasons Why MMM Nigeria May Crash By The End Of 2016

since the begging of 2016, MMM has been one of the ways many Nigerians, if not all business men, Students, market women, small scale business owners, and almost all categories of individuals have been surviving despite the Nigerian Economic Recession. honestly it has been a life line to many Nigerians during this economic melt down, many have been a beneficiary of MMM Nigeria, excluding me because i have been skeptical about it, although i have just join but am yet to offer help to any one.

I have thought about this meticulously and have seen obvious reasons why i think MMM will crash by the end of 2016. i may be right, i may be wrong also, because am not an Economist that can forecast the Economy. but as a concern Nigerian i think at this period of Economic melt down everyone has suddenly become an Economist.

Here are two (2) reasons why i think MMM will crash by the end of 2016

  1. Inflation

I hope i am using this Economic terminology correctly. if am right, Inflation means an increase in the quantity of money, this suggest that, as the year 2016 runs to an end, the demand for money will increase, as many persons wants to close deals, complete projects, planing for Christmas, planing for vacation, ETC. the demand for help as its called for money from MMM participants will increase, many persons will start collecting back their money or asking for help, and trust me 75% of this money collected may not be used for business investment, rather it might be used for leisure, and other Christmas expenses. so people that have gotten help will not be able, or willing to offer back help to other participants, which may be you reading this now at that time of the year, leaving you stranded and heart broken.

2. since the demand of many will inflate, it may also further reduce the value of the Nigerian Naira against the US Dollar. the consequences of this, this will lead to increase in cost of living, increase in cost of commodity especially during the end of the year as it has always been. again participants of MMM who has gotten help by this time of the year will find it difficult to offer help after they have gotten. so the lucky ones will be those offered by November and December.

Like my colleague in blogging will advice money invested in MMM should be a side cash.

So my advice for all MMM participants, when you are due to get help collect your money and do not be in a hurry to offer help. although you have the total right to offer or not to offer its just my advice tho. am not telling you that MMM will crash or that you should not invest any more. like  i said its just a speculation.

hope you find this post helpful




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