How to Minimize DATA Usage

Data subscription is one limitation why we don’t often surf the web as often as we want to because of how expensive they can cost and even when we subscribe Data plan that is suppose to last for a month we often complain that it finishes before time.
well some factors can be responsible for that, maybe we are often on line that’s for heavy internet users. the second reason which is the reason for this article, is that most mobile phone users don’t know how to restrict applications that runs on the background. they are called background data because they support Applications on your phones even when you are not using the Application and so therefor running down your DATA before the end of the month, that can be frustrating right ?

well follow the steps bellow to Minimize your DATA usage especially for ANDROID users

Step 1. Go to settings on your phone, the image you will see maybe different from phone to phone, but try to locate DATA USAGE

click on the circled path to access the settings

Step 2. the next screen you see show how much of data each Application is actually consuming it looks like this image bellow

Step 3. screw up, down, or slide left or right as applicable to your phone to access other Applications


as you can see from this Facebook is using much data 620MB followed by YouTube 339MB

Step 4. click on or select the Application you want to restrict the background data see the next image
for this tutorial am choosing to restrict Facebook background data


Step 5. check the circled box this to disable background data for Facebook

Step 6. if you have done step 5 properly you should b seeing this image next, just go ahead to click OK


Step 7. which is the final step indicating restriction of background data for Facebook. this means data will only be used when Facebook application is running on your android devices

NOTE: you can also restrict background data for other applications depending on users choice just follow the same step also NOTE that when your device is connected to a WIFI the background data is automatically restored. but when you switch back to mobile data, the background data becomes restricted
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