List Of Accredited and Recognized Ghana University In Nigeria

In resent years, Ghana has become the choice destination for most Nigerian students In West Africa, that cannot afford to go study in the Europe and American. this is probably because the Ghanaian educational system is more stable than the Nigerian educational system is, being void of strikes from different educational bodies that prolongs the stay of students in school.

In as much as Nigerian students are going to to study in Ghana, because of there educational consistencies, all prospective Nigerian student wanting to study in Ghana should know or confirm that the University they will be applying for is accredited and their Certificate is also accepted and recognized in Nigeria in other to be able to use it for job application in Nigeria.

Below are Accredited Ghana Universities, Recognized by Nigerian Federal Ministry Of Education and the National Youth Service Corps NYSC Nigeria.

click Link to view list of Universities: List of Accredidted Universities in Ghana

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