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Over the years cloud storage has been the most recent and most efficient way of safe keeping and storing files, considering the fact that your files will not get burnt by fire, or even stolen, or lost as the case maybe. This is why in this article I’ll introduce the Google Drive Cloud Storage account to you

Google account or G-mail as its popularly called or known, over the past decades has become a very common online account, use for sending and receiving mails which is the primary function. Now amongst many of the functions of Google mail or G-mail account, is that it function also as an online storage platform known as the Google Drive were documents, videos, pictures can be stored and accessed online.
By default, when you create a Google Drive account you are given free 15GB of drive space to store online all your documents, pictures, videos, etc. but for individuals, co-operate bodies or companies that carry out large cloud storage or backups, there is room to purchase extra storage or drive space from Google click the link Here to Buy More Storage.

Below are steps to create a Google Drive account.


  1. First create a G-mail account account if you don’t have one click HERE, but if you do have a G-mail account skip to the next step
  2. After creating your G-mail account visit to create your Google Drive account, follow the Sign up instruction and Sign in with your G-mail account
  3. You can now start uploading and synchronizing documents, pictures, videos, etc. on Google drive


You can also download and install Google Drive on your android devices, to access and upload files and documents on the go. to download Google Drive application click download Application
Note: for Google Drive application to run on your android devices, the Device must be running on Android Version 4.0 and above.


Google drive App can also be downloaded and installed on your Mac/Pc. it automatically Synchronize with your  files and documents stored on the web. so each time you create or delete a file or folder on your computer it reflects on your Google drive account on the web.

Note: that Google Drive also runs on iOS devices that is iPhone and iPad

Hope this article was able to help you find new ways to store and access your files more safely on the web.
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