ATM Card Safety Tips

ATM cards has most recently, become a fast medium of payments, considering the fact that the modern world has almost if not totally, gone cashless already.
In Nigeria we are just getting used to the whole idea of cashless policy, that is buying and paying with ATM cards online, paying with POS (point of Sail). This is a convenient way of payment, considering no stress in moving bout with large sum of money. We should also not that it come with it disadvantages.

In this Article I’ll be bringing to you Five simple but very efficient  ATM card safety or security tips, to keep your cards save.

ATM Card Safety/Security Tips

1.      Have a Good Password: have password not relating to your birthday, house address, family members birthday or even phone number

2.      Keep Your PIN Secrete: do not shear your PIN to your ATM card with any one, it should be a PIN that you alone know. do write in on a piece of paper or Diary it can fall into the wrong hands 

3.     Keep a Clear Eyes On Your Card When Paying: if you are paying with your ATM card using the POS (Point Of Sail), or you card is to be swiped. ensure you have a clear sight on your card. do not expose your PIN when typing on the POS machine.
4.      Don’t Share Your Card Information: do not share any information on your ATM card, Like Card serial number to anyone either on the Phone or Via the email

5.     HotList Your ATM Card Immediately: For GTB (Guaranty Trust Bank) ATM Card holders, if your card is retracted or held in an ATM machine, hotlist your ATM card while you are still at the ATM. To hotlist kindly send ‘HOTLIST<NUBAN>’ to 08076665555. that is HOTLIST<YOUR ACCOUNT NUM.>  


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