Windows 8 Made Easy Use Shortcuts

Hey guys i know when windows 8 was first released a lot of people complained about the Navigation, no start Button, and so on and so on, even me i also complained, but as time went on, Microsoft redesigned and came out with some thing better and user friendly.

To use any software effectively and for it to be more easy to use, you need Shortcuts. Shortcuts make it easy and friendly. So for the period i have been using Windows 8 i have found lots of shortcuts that makes it easy for me and i use the Windows 8.1 Software much effectively and faster.
Below are some Shortcuts i have found and will love to share to my readers


Shortcut Keys
Switch between all open applications and open files
Opens Tack manager
Windows button+Tab
Runs through running Apps except desktop Apps
Windows button+Space bar
Switch between language and keyboard lay out
Windows Button+start typing
Carries out root search
Windows button+X
Opens quick link menu
Windows button+W
Opens search menu to search for settings
Windows button+U
Opens Quick Access to common tools
Windows Button+T
Runs through open Applications on Task Menu
Windows Button+S
Opens the search menu
Windows Button+R
Opens the Run dialog
Windows Button+Q
Opens the search menu to search every were
Windows Button+P
Chose a presentation display mode
Windows Button+L
Lock your computer
Windows Button K
Open devices
Windows Button+I
Open setting
Windows Button+H
Open share menu
Windows Button+F
Search for files
Windows Button+E
Open file explorer
Windows Button+D
Show or hide desktop
Windows Button+C
Open windows charm
Open new window for Explorer
Open new Tab for Explorer
Switch between Tab for Explorer

Hope this will help to increase your use of the windows 8.1 and give your an exiting feeling
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