10 best ways to creat a strong password
with the increasing level of cyber security treat, it is important that every one of us have a very strong password as the world is turning into a global village. information, files, documents, financial data are very important asset that if exposed to unauthorized persons can pose a disaster to us, our company, mention it. the incident that just happened, that SONY TECHNOLOGY was hacked should give us reasons to protect our documents, files, accounts etc with a very strong password.

Below are 10 ways you can have a strong password

1. Names are one of the most popular ways of setting password, this is probably because it is easily remembered, trust me this is how it can also be easily predicted or guess so avoid using your name, wife’s, or even your children’s name or any family members name, this can easily be predicted by an intruder. NOTE that there are many password cracker tools that can easily predict password so avoid using names to create passwords is not a good idea.

2.  Avoid using easily predicted numbers, like date of birth, age number, telephone number, house address, office address. this is how it works hackers use tools to collect your details from sources like social medias, your basic information are there, so this special tools or software can guess a combination form the details collected. so avoid  using Numbers like the ones mentioned above

3. Do not use short password the longer the password is, the more difficult it is to predict and the more secure it is. password consisting of eight characters is a very strong password, you can even  go above eight character the better for you

4. use mixed characters like £ @ $ & ? *, upper and lower case alphabets for example, assuming the password is “house” you can have a password like “H@s$£” (H is capital, a is replaced with @, S is small letter, $ is used for S and £ is used in place of E

5. If you have too any numerous accounts that requires a password avoid using the same password for all accounts, it is very dangerous to use the same password for all your account if one of the accounts is hacked, the hacker might just want to still try if the password will work for the other account and if that be the case God help. use separate passwords for separate accounts so if one is hacked the other might be save.

6. this is very important always change password, if it is for very important data one month is recommeded if not three months is the maximum after which passwords must be changed

7. I have seen people write their password on their phones, Laptops, or Jotters, in other not to forget it, yes it is a good idea to write it some place so u don’t forget it but if that is kept carelessly for an intruder to lay his or her hands on it your password will be compromise, so learn to know password by hart.

8. Mix alphabets and numbers, special characters. for example if your password is “house” you can have your password as H9u53 (H, 9=a, u, 5=s and E=3) this can not be guess or dictated

9. Do not allow your password appear in sequence that is in ascending or descending other for example 12345 or 54321 it can easily be guess

10. Do not use complete dictionary words, either in English or foreign languages because hacking software collate words in there data base and look for common dictionary words

Hope this post can help you create a password that even the FBI or the CIA can not hack. the safety of your data depends on you.

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