NLNG Odinary Seaman Recruitment (Written Interview Tips)

Since we made the post about the NLNG recruitment for Ordinary Seaman on their BGT vessels, we have been getting a lot of massages on how the Exam is. well from information gathered from reliable sources, from the just concluded recruitment exercise
the exam is basically Maths and English.
this is how it goes, the maths is divided into two sections,
the first section which includes Simple Mathematics questions from Topics like addition, subtraction, Multiplication and division.

This section consist of 16 question four from each topic mentioned above with less than sixty seconds (60) YES sixty seconds to answer all.
Now the second section involves more complex questions, like Logarithms, Simultaneous Equations looking for Square roots, Number bases, Linear Equations, Division, addition of Decimal Numbers,Trigonometry(looking for angles) and from some other topics.
The questions are not that difficult because there is no use of calculators and u have limited time to answer these question.
The English has sixty questions(60) to be answered in 30 minutes, but you and i know that it won’t be up to 30 minutes before you hear pens up, The English consist of Questions from Comprehensive passages, Nearest in meaning filling a blank space with the appropriate answers, suggesting a topic for a passage.
NOTE: the Exam both Maths and English are all Assay and needs you to enter your answers in the appropriate space and no calculator is allowed.
For those that applied and are selected to seat fro the written interview this tips could help you in the interview.

You have the clock to beat

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