How to BBM, WhatsApp, Skype using Bluestacks on Your Pc, Laptop
How interesting, that you can actually BBM, WhatsApp, Skype and install all your favorite android games on your PC or Laptop.

but first you will be needing a Bluestacks software to run on you system.
Bluestack is an Android application emulator that runs on your system as though it is an android Phone. it is very compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7.


  1. you will have a PC or laptop which you have already, that Windows 8 or 7 is running on
  2. Minimum of 2GB RAM on the computer
  3. a good video graphics Adapter card VGA
  4. and a graphics driver
  5. Bluestacks application software

To download online that is with your PC connected to the internet click on this Link. the application is free download

How to Install Bluestacks application on your PC or Laptop

1. after downloading th application, launch the application by double clicking the application

2. after activating the application at this point you should be connected to the internet for it to download other file and you will be seeing this image on your screen and select continue

3. After download has completed it will take you to this image you will see next and you should select all options it is recommended

4. click install and it takes you to this image you see next at this point just allow it to download all files

5. good job if you follow the steps accordingly you should be seeing his page, this is the final stage after completely installing. at this point you need to configure the APP store with your gmail account

If it is successfully installed u will be seeing this last page and you can enjoy your new application, using your BBM and WatsApp on your PC

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