What Is This GPRS All About

It may surprise you that most people are acquainted or familiar with the word GPRS but do not know what it means and what it does. you hear people often say there is no GPRS display on my phone, i want a configuration setting on my phone, without knowing that all this are functions of a GPRS. I will by this document give my readers a summary of what a GPRS is all about

GPRS meaning general packet radio services is a packet-based wireless communication services.  (Packets are the unit of data that is routed or sent between an origin and a destination on the Internet or any other packet-switched network. When any files like emails, HTML files, text massages etc is sent from one destination to another on the internet they are broken down into smaller units of data for routing or sending by the TCP(transfer control protocol) layer to their destination) GPRS provides data transfer rate of about 56 to 114 Kilobit per second (Kbps) for 2G or 2.5G network and about 200Kbps for 3G networks.
GPRS also ensure continues connections to the internet for mobile phone and computer users. GPRS is a best-effort service that implies different throughput that is the rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel. The speed depends on the number of users that are using or sharing the services at the same time, so the services are not allocated to one person alone. GPRS usage is typically charged based on volume of data transferred and provides a moderate-speed data transfer
For you to establish or setup a GPRS connection for wireless modem, phones and other electronic devices, You must specify an APN (access point name). The access point name is usually provided by the service provider for example MTN is an internet service provider. An access point name (APN) looks something like this: “web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net” this is contained in the massage that you usually get from any service provider when you buy a new smart phone and and insert a SIM card into the phone. it’s also known as configuration settings massage.

GPRS enables you perform or carry out the following task:

  • Send SMS(short message services)
  • Allows you to be on the internet always
  • Send MMS(multimedia messaging service)
  • Instant massaging  
  • Browsing and internet communication services like sending emails and facebooking 



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