Things to know when attendding an oral interview

Recently i was invited for an oral interview that I hard to face a three men panel, and will like to share my experience. The following points I will be talking on, is based on personal observation during my interview. Also note that the panel starts scoring you the moment you walk into the office or were ever the interview is holding.

Consider the following when next you are invited for an oral interview
1.      Close the door behind you: when I say close the door behind you, I mean that when you walk into the room or office as the case may be do not back the panel or the one that is going to interview you while closing the door. You should be able to close the door with your left hand and still facing the panel. Try it at home it’s possible
2.      Greet the panel: if the panel is all made of men do not greet each of them by saying good day sir and to the next good day sir that is if they are more than one. Just simply say good day sirs if they are all men. If they are all women do not say good day mars just Mar will do. If they are mixed that is men and women greet the men sirs if they are more than one man and the women Mar if they are more than one if not SAY GOOD DAY SIR OR GOOD DAY MAR and wait for them to ask you to seat down that is if there is seat for you, do not seat without them asking you it shows lack of respect and rudeness.

3.      Make copies: ensure you have the original and photocopies of your credentials and every necessary document. 
4.      Know the job role: before you attend that interview make shore you know what duties you are to play in the position you applied. You should be able to explain when asked of the duties involve in the job role.
5.      Maintained eye contact: the one interviewing you should be able to see boldness in you; this is why you need to show boldness by maintaining eye contact with them. If you are talking to the one that asked you a question, from time to time look at the others this means that you are carrying all of them along.
6.      Single out the questions individually: if you are asked a question that you do not know or you are not shore of for example what is” garbage control” assuming you do not know this or do not have a definition for it look at the word garbage separately and control separately you may just come up with the right explanation.
7.      Explain rather than defining:  when asked a question if you define it, it’s okay but know that anybody can define it with the same words and pattern. Even if you define it try to explain or illustrate giving example this send a message that you actually know what you are saying
8.      Nod your head when you are been questioned: when you are been questioned, nod your head to confirm understanding and attentiveness. This sends a message that you are really listening and you understand what you are been asked to explain. It tells them that you have good listening skills. It’s what every customer wants to be listened to.
9.      How long do you want to work for us?Your responds to this question could give you the job or disqualify you. It’s best you do not mention the number of years you intend to work with them if you have any intention of leaving them soon. You can just say that and I quote “as long as you want me to work for you” that ends any other question regarding how long you want to work for them.
10. State your carrier objectives in your CV. Your employer should be able to see who you are in your CV. State what you want to achieve as a person and for the company.
11. How much do you want us to pay you: this is another tricky question do not mention an ambiguous amount you could appear very expensive and they may be unable to pay. Try to be moderate and considerate you know what you are worth. Avoiding mentioning how much you were paid in your previous job unless you are asked
12. Do not lie:you don’t know there may be some diggings about you after you have left. So try as much as possible no to lie in your CV, credentials and all documents you have.
13. Say thank you at the end: at the end of the interview say thank you and that you hope to hear from them soon
NOTE:  try to keep a smiling face even if the interview is not going well and avoid keeping quit even if you do not know the answer say something that is reasonable. In some interview they keep water, soft drinks on the table please do not take it even if you are testy and it is in front of. If you need to drink please ask for permission or wait for them to give you one. Also note to look cooperate, it must not be a suite but that will be better if you have one.
Try this interview tips in that next interview you have, you might just land yourself your dream job. Thanks for treading



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