How Much Of Security Do You Really Need

In spite of the very numerous security agencies, like the Police, Air force, Navy, Army, FBI etc, it still appears that civilians as the case maybe still needs more security measures to protect life and properties. In our recent days, the need for security has greatly increased, need for securing of life, properties, documents, mention it the list goes on and on.
Let us bring our mind home. in our very own homes, you see a very beautiful house with a very gigantic fence with barb wires on it and a giant gate in front of the house, a gate keeper or security man as the case may be with probably one form of weapon to protect “himself first” before the owner of the house or employer, still in the compound there is a big security dog roaming the compound. Now you get to the main entrance to the building you have a burglary proof in front of the door, the door has a key and lock, the windows are not left out there is also a burglary proof on them. now the internal security there is a CCTV in the compound, and alarm that goes off if an intruder gets in. now for the individual or house owner or occupant there is a lock and key on the door to the room, inside the room he or she has one form of protection maybe a license gun or cutlass, i ask is this not prison even when the person is not jailed?.
Hmm you think that’s all, let’s go over to your personal life starting from your gadgets like phones, I pads, electronic notes and so on that are always with you. nine out of ten gadget owners have password on them with not less than five to ten digits and is also advisable to change the password every week or months based on the owner. To the individual especially very important personalities, you wear a bullet proof vest; ride in a bullet proof car with extra BODY GUARD yes i mean a body guard following you all the time. This still goes down to “security” apart from the one at home. I still ask is this not like a prison were a prison warder goes around monitoring a prisoner?
Hmm can i say that the world is just one unsafe place to be? Until you find a reason not to protect yourself from any one you will still continue to look for more security.

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