How to Minimize DATA Usage

Data subscription is one limitation why we don’t often surf the web as often as we want to because of how expensive they can cost and even when we subscribe Data plan that is suppose to last for a month we often complain that it finishes before time.
well some factors can be responsible for that, maybe we are often on line that’s for heavy internet users. the second reason which is the reason for this article, is that most mobile phone users don’t know how to restrict applications that runs on the background. they are called background data because they support Applications on your phones even when you are not using the Application and so therefor running down your DATA before the end of the month, that can be frustrating right ?

well follow the steps bellow to Minimize your DATA usage especially for ANDROID users Read More

ATM Card Safety Tips

ATM cards has most recently, become a fast medium of payments, considering the fact that the modern world has almost if not totally, gone cashless already.
In Nigeria we are just getting used to the whole idea of cashless policy, that is buying and paying with ATM cards online, paying with POS (point of Sail). This is a convenient way of payment, considering no stress in moving bout with large sum of money. We should also not that it come with it disadvantages.

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Google Drive Cloud Storage

Over the years cloud storage has been the most recent and most efficient way of safe keeping and storing files, considering the fact that your files will not get burnt by fire, or even stolen, or lost as the case maybe. This is why in this article I’ll introduce the Google Drive Cloud Storage account to you Read More

Windows 8 Made Easy Use Shortcuts

Hey guys i know when windows 8 was first released a lot of people complained about the Navigation, no start Button, and so on and so on, even me i also complained, but as time went on, Microsoft redesigned and came out with some thing better and user friendly. Read More

What Is This GPRS All About

It may surprise you that most people are acquainted or familiar with the word GPRS but do not know what it means and what it does. you hear people often say there is no GPRS display on my phone, i want a configuration setting on my phone, without knowing that all this are functions of a GPRS. I will by this document give my readers a summary of what a GPRS is all about Read More